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Locator 96

Prix de vente$580.99 Prix normal$829.99

Type: Freestyle Tout Terrain
Largeur MM: 96

The biggest descents ask a lot from your equipment. You’ll need tenacious edge hold and dependable stability for billy goating through no-fall zones while maintaining enough float to surf high-speed turns through creamy pow and perfect corn. The Locator 96 covers all these bases, which is no small feat. The 96 mm waist quickly gets up on edge and bites hard on even the iciest sidehills, all at a weight that’s low enough for the biggest objectives on your tick list. The progressive shape and blended rocker lines make the 96 a versatile, confident performer in a variety of conditions from meadow skipping in hero snow to traversing refrozen sastrugi in the high peaks.



Sizes 185 178 171 164 157

Width tip (mm) 128 127 126 125 124

Waist width (mm) 96 96 96 96 96

Tail Width (mm) 118 117 116 115 114

Radius (m) 22 21 20 19 18

Weight (g) 1450g 1300g 1288g 1248g -



  • Caruba Core
  • 1.7 Lightweight Edge
  • Comp Series Base
  • Ti Binding Dampener
  • Carbon Reinforcement
  • AR Bat Tail Self Center Tail Clip
    Locator 96
    Locator 96 Prix de vente$580.99 Prix normal$829.99